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Carroll & Chan 無火香薰

最近經過新都會LOG-ON無意發現 carroll and chan 香薰品牌 - 絲綢之路香味之旅 x 葵芳新都會Log-On。之前購買 IKEA FRISKHET 杯裝香味蠟燭 (草本微風) 和 SINNLIG杯裝香味蠟燭(黑莓)香味太淡,今次LOG-ON 有專櫃一系列可以慢慢選擇;

我今次買的是 Tropical Forest 200ml Reed Diffuser

Lasts for 3 to 4 months. Layered scents of sea moss, coastal redwood trees and vetiver recreate the vibrant freshness of a tropical forest after the rain.

個人比較喜歡大自然清新香味,買200ml(兩盒100ml) 連玻璃樽和6-8 藤枝;HKD299



Eastern Spices Reed

Eastern Spices brings the long-loved aroma of saffron, cinnamon and clove into your home.

Green Seas Close your eyes and smell the sparkling summer sea with this scent of sea salt and sage.

White Jasmine

This sensual and intoxicating fragrance of white velvety flowers permeates the senses and lingers into your surroundings.

In the Pink

In the Pink is a sparkling and refreshing combination of Pink Grapefruit & Thai Orange-lime

其他氣味可以到官網 https://carrollandchan.com/


Carroll & Chan 是由來至愛爾蘭的 Ian Carroll 和他的老婆Liana創立。他們在亞洲工作和生活了二十年。

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