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"Hong Kong Wedding Expo 2018" 2nd to 4th Nov


"Hong Kong Wedding Expo" is one of the most grand & reputable wedding exhibitions that organized by Audace in Hong Kong every year. This year, the Expo is scheduled to be held in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from 2nd to 4th November 2018. In the last Expo, the number of visitors reached over 60,000. It had brought fruitful business and revenue to the Exhibitors.

Magnificent Expo: Unlimited Businesses

The aims of the Expo are, on the one hand, to meet the need of those nuptial couples who are planning to get married. On the other hand, it also provides a golden opportunity for the Exhibitors to promote their products/services and make businesses. Audace, founded in 1990, had organized various Exhibitions of their latest issues and topics such as Jewelry, property, education and etc. Since 1990, the Organizer has initially started to conceive the opportunity of an one-stop Wedding Expo. After years of exploring, Audace organized its first Wedding Expo in 1993, Wedding Exhibition has developed to become a necessary place for the nuptial couples to visit. The couples not merely can collect all the valuable and latest wedding information at one spot in the Exhibition. They can also buy directly and get special offers and gifts in the Expo. In the last Exhibition, there were over 650 booths. The Expo had attracted tens of thousands of nuptial couples to visit and had brought fruitful businesses and revenues to all the Exhibitors.

Successful Promotion: Contented Achievement

In order to guarantee the Exhibition to obtain a contented achievement, numerous promotion means will be launched during and prior to the Exhibition. These include advertisements in newspaper, magazine, Radio, MTR, internet, etc. It is certain that “Hong Kong Wedding Expo 2018” will definitely attract a great number of visiting nuptial couples and will bring a voluminous businesses to all the exhibitors in the Expo.


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